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Maximize profits with
Ground-Up construction loans in Denver.

Break ground without breaking the bank, while beating the bank. If you are a builder or flipper, Ground-Up loans can help maximize profit by covering construction costs on
your property.

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Why HouseMax?

Finally, a loan that was built to help with building costs. HouseMax offers Ground‑Up loans that tend to lend 10‑15% more than competitors so borrowers can keep funds liquid, allowing them to work on multiple projects at once. Whether you are a builder or a flipper, Ground‑Up loans can be an excellent option to maximize profits by covering construction or renovation costs.

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Ground-Up Loans?

Ground-up loans allow flippers and builders just like you, to consider additional funding options that may not be available through conventional loans. Let us lend you the capital so you can focus on maximizing profits. By covering the full amount of construction costs, these loans remove the need to buy a flippable house and instead allow you to use 100% of the loan to fund the construction of a new home or renovation to the property.

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