Flip Hard,
Play Hard:

Learn from the Lions of Hard Money

Stacked U.S quarter coins on wooden table with white illustration shows increasing of interest rates.

Don’t Flip Out Over High-Interest Rates!

The Feds are raising interest rates again, so what does that mean for home flippers and the future of fix and flip loans? Read the full blog from HouseMax.

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Two men shake hands after renegotiating the selling price on a real estate property.

Playing Hardball: How To Negotiate With Sellers To Maximize Profit

Get the most out of your fix and flip project by knowing how to renegotiate with sellers. HouseMax Funding has the best tips for you in our latest blog.

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Male homeowner makes renovations on a property he wants to flip after being qualified for a residential transitional loan.
Rental Loans

Residential Transition Loans

Interested in real estate investment or fix-and-flip projects? Learn more about residential transition loans (or fix-and-flip loans) today through HouseMax.

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Beautiful urban home in the background with a focus on a red FOR SALE.

How To Sell Your Home For The Most Money When Prices Are Falling

Selling your home? If so, you might be wondering how sliding prices might impact your listing. Follow these tips to get the most money for your home!

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