What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is a type of asset-based loan financing through which a borrower receives funds secured by real property.

How do I qualify for a hard money loan?

Call or email HouseMax Funding with your deal. We will be able to give you firm idea of whether or not the deal is doable in a matter of minutes. Our goal is to fund your loan!

How quickly can we close?

Our goal is to fund your loan in 10 days or less!

What type of investor uses hard money?

All types – from new investors to very experienced investors, and from those buying rentals to those buying properties to flip. Anyone wanting to use leverage and put less of their own money down on a purchase uses hard money.

What is a direct lender?

Direct lender funds transactions from their own private capital. This means there is no 3rd party (broker/middleman) in your loan transaction, keeping your cost to a minimum. Direct lenders also approve all loans internally. House Max Funding is a direct lender.

Will House Max Funding run my credit?

We will not run your credit without your approval first. You may provide us with a credit report or your score through our secure online application process. If your intention is to keep the property as a rental, we will need to get an approval letter from your lender doing your permanent financing. If you do not have a lender for permanent financing, we can refer you to one that fits your profile.

What are the advantages of using hard money?

  • Simple qualification process
  • Fast Closing
  • Allows for multiple deals
  • Leverages your money almost 3 to 1 verses conventional or bank financing

Why use House Max Funding for your hard money loan?

We deliver speed, certainty and clarity with every client. Speed in processing your application to closing your transaction. Certainty in knowing the value of your property with a certified appraisal, and clarity in knowing all your costs before you get to closing.


Contact HouseMax Funding to discuss your deal(s). We will be able to help you pre-qualify the deal over the phone in a matter of minutes. If the numbers make sense for all parties, it’s time to get to work.

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