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Two businessmen shaking hands after forming a partnership.

A Partnership For Growth: HouseMax Funding & ACI

The HouseMaxFunding Team wants to share some great FLIPPIN’ news! Learn more about our partnership with American Community Investor (ACI) now.

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Closeup of woman at table with scattered papers, calculator, cup of tea, and laptop considering options on whether or not she can refinance her hard money loan.

Can You Refinance A Hard Money Loan?

Can you refinance a hard money loan if your exit strategy has changed? Refinancing options may be advantageous for some investors. Learn more now!

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Hard Money lender holding paper graph showing the increase in housing prices

The Best Markets for real estate investing in 2022

Looking for the best markets for real estate investing in 2022? Discover the best markets for buyers, rental-property investors, and flippers!

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Renovation on fix & flip home using building materials like ladder and flooring with stripped floor and incomplete walls.

Will Building Material Prices Impact My Fix & Flip Profit?

Building material prices have increased, so what does that mean for house flippers? Learn how to maintain max profits for your next fix & flip project!

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