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What is a Hard Money Loan? Break down the types of Hard Money Loans
Rental Loans

Types of Hard Money Loans: A Comprehensive Guide for Real Estate Investors

Explore the various types of hard money loans available to real estate investors from fix-and-flip loans to rental property loans.

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Business men meeting to discuss budget and house model designs for a construction loan.

How to Avoid Going Over Budget on a Construction Loan

Struggling with being over budget on your construction loan? Get expert advice and solutions to manage your finances effectively.

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A woman evaluating finances before submitting a hard money loan application

5 Essential Tips for a Successful Hard Money Loan Application

Increase your chances of securing a hard money loan with these tips. Don’t miss out on the funding for your real estate project. Read further!

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Man in hard hat reviews his finances as he talks to his lender about submitting a draw on his fix and flip project.

How to Submit a Draw for a Fix and Flip Project: A Step-by-Step Guide

Knowing how to submit a draw for a fix and flip project is a vital part of managing your project’s finances effectively. Learn more from HouseMax Funding.

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