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Real estate broker hands person keys to their new property after using BRRRR method.

BRRRR Method Examples and More

Start your real estate investing career with BRRRR investing strategies. Read more about BRRRR method examples and funding so you can get started today!

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Borrower shakes hands with a lender after a refinance with a hard money loan.
Rental Loans

Refinance With A Hard Money Loan

You might wonder if you should refinance with a hard money loan. Discover when you should – and should not- use this funding option.

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Excellent credit score needed for a hard money loan

What Credit Score is Needed For a Hard Money Loan?

What credit score is needed for a hard money loan? Learn more about HouseMax loans and credit score financing on how to get approved for a hard money loan.

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Business meeting discussing hard money lender underwriting tips.

Win At Underwriting, Even In A Cooling Real Estate Market

Gain a competitive edge and keep investing in real estate by learning how to pass through the underwriting process with HouseMax Funding. Read more.

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